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Through the active creation and tireless efforts of all the employees, the core competitiveness of the enterprise is continuously promoted, the value is created constantly for the customers, the huge material and spiritual wealth is created constantly for the society, and the quality of life of the employees is continuously improved and perfected.


To become the best supplier of logistics and supply chain management in China.

Core Value

Customer Primary: to set up and create service according to customer's needs to assist customer to enhance competitiveness.

People-oriented: to set up the concept of service, superior service subordinate and employee service customer.

Efficient Management: the unified concept and objectives, rich knowledge and skills, solid execution and close teamwork.

Incentive Mechanism

Destiny Community: perfect KPI incentive performance appraisal mechanism, reflects the principle of distribution that what to pay is directly proportional to what to gain.

Interests Community: advanced feedback system of customer service combines the improvement of service quality with the interests of customers.

Business Community: to continuously provide value-added services with customers and establish a long-term strategic partnership with customers.